Slim Jims and a Winning Lottery Ticket

Imagine heading to your local convenience store, 7/11, Wawa, Kroeger, whichever you prefer, and coming out a multi-millionaire. That's exactly what happened to Dale Farrand when he dropped by the store near his home to pick up a snack for his dog Boots.

Farrand stopped into the Cumberland Farms in Fort Edward for his dog Boots' favorite snack, Slim Jims. He decided to grab a scratch off ticket. 

I scratched it in the car and started shaking when I realized I won," Farrand said. 

He immediately drove home to show his wife Cathy and to get a double confirmation that he was, in fact, a winner. 

I rolled down the window and asked her to check the ticket for me. She was a lot more excited than I was.

The Cash Spectacular scratch off ticket has a $10 million winning prize, but Farrand will be paid out a $6.7 million lump sum after taxes. 

He said that he plans to use the money to pay off the mortgage on his home and help his children and grandchildren with finances. He and his wife also plan to use the money for home improvements.

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