You Can Own One of the Props from 'The Office'

The final episode of The Office, one of NBC's best sitcoms, aired a little more than five years ago and based on how frequently we're all re-re-re-rewatching the series on Netflix, we miss it. I remember crying through the last four episodes because I was upset that I would never be able to  work in a place like that. Obviously because any place as dysfunctional as Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch would not turn any kind of profit, but a girl can dream. 

If you don't have have the full 5,790 minutes it would take to re-re-re-re-rewatch the entire series, you can always just default to this super cut of all the best Office moments


Or enjoy one of my personal favorite moments ever...


But if you're a hard core fan, and I mean hard core, you can actually purchase some props from the set of our beloved show. 

That's right, last week Screenbid announced that they'd be auctioning off 500 props from the show. You wouldn't believe all of the things they have available for bidding, literally anything that popped up anywhere throughout the entire season could be up for grabs.

Framed Photo of Stanley & Terri - $125

Dwight's Prescription Bottle - $200

Dwight's Tape Dispenser - $300

Jim's Dunder Mifflin Box - $175

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