Fried Oreos? YES PLEASE.

Funnel cake, zeppoles, fried pickles, anything coated in batter and fried is worth it. So naturally, when we cover an already delicious snack, aka America's Favorite Cookie, aka Milk's Favorite Cookie, aka a double stuffed Oreo, in batter...we go wild.

Fried oreos are a State Fair favorite, sprinkled with a little bit of powdered sugar and you've got a warm, rich, little heart attack. Popeye's, arguable a leader in the fried food department, is stepping it all the way up by adding America's Favorite Fried Treat to their menu...but there are a few exceptions/loopholes.

Yes, Popeyes is adding Fried Oreos to their menu. But they're only available in Boston. They'll be available starting October 1st and ending October 28th. If you're in Boston, MA, you'll be able to get them on Uber Eats and in Popeye's restaurants.

The better news? They're only $1.99 for if you take a road trip up to Massachusetts just for some fried oreos, you'll at least get them for deal!

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