Officials Say Rats Are Responsible For Missing Alcohol

The east Indian state of Bihar is a dry state, which means they're under prohibition-like restrictions preventing the consumption and sale of alcohol. While the people of Bihar have to remain sober, the rats of Bihar have a different idea. 

Yeah, that's right. Rats. Officials have been storing seized alcohol in warehouses and storage rooms, but it seems to be vanishing without a trace. Its not some magic trick or an Ocean's 11 style heist, but a natural instinct from the town rats.

The rats have, apparently, been gnawing through bottle caps, beer cans, and kegs to get to the so cherish juices on the other size. Obviously, this defense from authorities isn't really air-tight because rats couldn't possibly consume that much alcohol. 

"It looks like the work of rats because only cans and cartons have been damaged. All the cans are in place (none were missing) but most were leaking and empty," said a government representative.

Something seems a little shifty here...but if it is in fact the rats, kudos to you guys.

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