This Guy Caught His Wife Cheating On Google Maps

You usually hear stories of cheaters getting caught when they leave their phones unlocked, forget to delete emails, and are really bad liars, but I can bet that you've never heard this one before. A Peruvian man is divorcing his wife after he found pictures of her with another man...on Google Maps. 

Yeah....Google Maps.

The man was trying to find the easiest way to get to a popular bridge in the capital of Peru when he noticed a woman who looked like his wife on a bench. The Google Street View photo shows his wife in a white top, jeans, and heels sitting on the bench stroking the hair of a dude laying in her lap!

After realizing that it was definitely her, having seen her wear that exact outfit several times before, he angrily confronted her with the evidence and she admitted to having the affair!

The internet is littered with hysterical Google Street View candids, like a couple having sex behind a car (yes, in public), a group of people in pigeon masks in Japan, and an in-progress armed robbery in South Africa.

So cheaters beware! Be a little more discreet if you're planning to be shady...or just don't cheat, up to you.

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Mo' Bounce

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