Viral: Welcome to Chili's!!

If you were on Vine (RIP Vine) when it was thriving then you'll definitely remember the iconic "Welcome to Chilis" vine. Let me just refresh your memory...


Well guess what! If you're in need of a 2018 Halloween costume, I've got the perfect one for you! To embrace the meme culture Chili's has created a costume based off of this classic vine! 

The '' website refers to it as the "Hi, welcome to Chili's Hallomeme costume." The costume comes with Chili's boxer shorts and a cardboard phone for $25. Yeah, it seems kinda pricey but I mean come on! You're gonna be the star of the Halloween party with this costume!

Chili's is even promoting the costume on their Instagram!


I don't know about you but I'm considering this "Welcome to Chili's' costume for Halloween 2018!!

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