"Taylor Swift" Escapes From Her Enclosure At Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo has to be evacuated Sunday afternoon after Taylor Swift escaped from her enclosure, getting dangerously close to visitors.

Taylor breached her exhibit space, where she lives with her mother, around 3:30pm. Taylor Swift, in this case, is a type of antelope, not the global pop-star. 

The bongo calf made its way into a common area where visitors were mingling. When the escape happened, staff moved visitors to the gift store and evacuated others as they tried to corral the animal back to its enclosure. 

In a press release, the zoo said that...

 "Staff was able to gently guide Taylor Swift back into her off-exhibit enclosure within 15 minutes of her escape. It was determined by zoo’s associate veterinarian, Dr. Jenessa Gjeltema, the calf sustained minor abrasions during the incident, but is otherwise healthy and unharmed."

A zoo visitor commented on the safety of some of the enclosures at the Sacramento Zoo...

“I’m just glad we’re safe,” said zoo visitor Jessica Serota. “All today I saw enclosures that didn’t seem as secure as I’d imagine them to be, so that was kind of concerning to me.”

In comments, the zoo says they are still unsure how the animal escaped from the enclosure.

In other news, Taylor Swift, the pop-star, is doing just fine. She kicks off the Australian leg of her Reputation Stadium Tour on in Perth on October 19th with Charli XCX and Broods. 

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