Our Faves: New York City Subway Rats

Rats in New York are such an important part of our culture that they have their own dedicated Wikipedia page. According to the page, scientists say that there are about 2 million rats runnin' around underneath our feet. While most of us are startled by the lil guys, I think we need to show some more respect! 

Imagine being that tiny and having everyone hate you? Ok maybe you are tiny and some people have a problem with your personality, but you don't know what its like to be a rat! The typical New York City rat is actually the Brown Rat, or a Norway Rat. They're typically only about 12 ounces and can fit through holes and gaps the size of a quarter. What's even more impressive is that they can survive falls from 40 feet and can jump a horizontal distance of 4 feet!

Our lil subway friends really only live for about a year and rarely travel more than 600 feet from where they were born. 

Some of New York's most shining moments have come from our iconic lil pals from the underground, just trying to survive in this city of dreams! Let's take a look at some of the NYC rat's best moments!

Pizza Rat


Cuddly Rat


A Pack of Rats!


And some Friendly Rats just doing what they do!

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Mo' Bounce

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