15 Things to Do With Your Extra Hour This Sunday

Daylight Saving Time is ending on Sunday. 2:00 am is the magic hour when we fall back an hour. This means that the mornings will be a little bit brighter but it will be darker earlier in the evening.

Since your going to have an extra hour on Sunday we figured we would give you a list of 15 things you could do with that extra time.

1. Go change all of the clocks on your microwaves, stove, analog clocks and the clock in your car!


2. Bake some cookies


3. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors (especially if you're gonna bake cookies)

4. Shop online for new Fall and Winter clothes


5. Paint your nails

6. Dye your hair


7. Watch two 30 minute episodes of your favorite show

8. Do some arts and crafts


9. Clean your room... let's be real, you know you need to.

10. Listen to the whole Shawn Mendes "Illuminate" album (This one is Intern Sam Approved!!)


11. Spend an hour calling Z100 for Jingle Ball tickets!

12. Go to Z100.com/Jingleball to enter to win Jingle Ball tickets!


13. Do some squats

14. Call your Mom... or Dad... or BFF



However you decide to spend your extra hour I hope you enjoy it!!!!

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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