Tide Released New Detergent & Its Worse Than Tide Pods

If you don't remember the ridiculous The Great Tide Pod Eating Incident of 2018 then you need to read up immediately. It was an actual epidemic among America's youth that spread wide and fast. Teens were doing the Tide Pod Challenge all over social media and were actually eating Tide Pods. 

I'm not sure what possessed people to do things like this, I mean...you should know not to do that. Laundry detergent? Probably not edible. In fact, its probably best to keep most chemicals away from your mouth area. 

Tide, owned by parent company Proctor & Gamble, actually addressed this lil social media problem with targeted ads that specifically told teens not to eat Tide Pods and urged to parents to hide their detergent in places that younger, more impressionable children can't reach them. 

Ok, so crisis semi-averted. Right? We're finished, we get it. No reason for anyone to desire eating laundry detergent. Wrong.

Enter: The Tide Wine Box?


Alright, its not actually wine or a wine box, but it looks very similar to a cheap box of Franzia. 


Some are truly surprised that P&G would make this move coming off the heels of a truly disturbing trend involving the same product. 


But mostly, we get jokes...


I really think this goes without saying, but PLEASE DON'T EAT OR DRINK LAUNDRY DETERGENT.

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