Boozy Keurig Cups Are Now A Thing!

Keurig revolutionized the morning at-home beverage when they created the handy little K-Cup. Although it's environmental impact is debatable, you can't argue how convenient the Keurig machine and the accompanying K-Cup are! The company is now trying to make their mark on Happy Hour with the new Drinkworks Home Bar -- a machine that creates cocktails with an alcoholic little cup!

They've partnered up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to create 24 different drinks with over a 12 mixed drinks plus the classics like beers and ciders! If you're in need of a quick fix, especially with all of your family over for the holidays, Old Fashions, Cosmos, Margaritas, Moscow Mules, and Mojitos will all be available.

There's even an app that will give you updates on your drink and help you keep up with maintenance!

Every bartender needs support staff, so keep your new Home Bar in working order with the Drinkworks App. Through an easy-to-use platform you can learn how to unbox and set up your drinkmaker, purchase more pods, learn about new drinks, monitor cleaning status and more.

The Drinkworks Home Bar will run you about $299, pls $3.99 for cocktail pods and $2.25 for beer pods. The bad news is that this product is only available in the St. Louis area for now, but who knows...maybe you'll find one under the Christmas tree? As always, remember to drink responsibly! 

[h/t KDWB]

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