Twitter Reacts To Scariest Recurring Dreams

Nightmares are something that haunt us from the time we're old enough to start imagining things. Some people are tough enough to not be scared by these little mind scaries, but most of aren't and have to suffer through our childhood night after night. As we grow older, the nightmares turn into uncomfortable recurring dreams that sometimes make sense but usually have no basis in reality and really give our brain a work out. 

Thankfully, there's an entire social media platform full of grown-ass adults who just can't escape the chillingly strange recurring dreams each night.


It all started on Saturday when user @merrittk asked their followers which of their recurring dreams are their least favorite -- assuming that there's more than one. From "freakish animal-baby things" to endless coffee shop shifts where every drink is made incorrectly, Twitter delivers once again...


It never ends, and its actually kind of scary that this many people have this many outlandish recurring dreams.

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