Alexa, Time To Twerk!

Twerking and Amazon Echo, one might argue these are some of the biggest trends of 2018. Well, the good news is that your Amazon Echo, more commonly known as Alexa, can control all of your twerking home decorations!

I'm sure we're all familiar the Big Mouth Billy Bass wall-mounted singing fish? A few years ago, a man by the name of Brian Kane hacked his fish to make it Alexa-compatible and now that very product is about to be mass produced on Amazon. 


Big Mouth Billy Bass will still sing his song 'Fishin' Time,' plus he'll tell you the weather forecast, give you updates on traffic conditions, news, and random facts...just like your regular Alexa! 

In September of this year, Amazon released an Alexa-connected microwave, ceiling fan, and landline phone.  

But the Alexa-powered twerking doesn't end here! The company that created Big Mouth Billy is also planning on releasing a twerking Santa Claus and Christmas Bear that will pop it to the beat of your Amazon Music library.  

If you're trying to add some twerky to your holidays, all of these are available for pre-order on Amazon for the bargain-worthy price of $39.99!  [h/t USA Today]

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