Here's Some Apps to Delete and Add Before 2019

So let's just get right to the point, the 'Fast Company' website says that we should delete Instagram before 2019... Uhhhh that's gonna be a no from me but let me explain why they say you should delete it. 

Some of the apps that we have on our phones can be doing us more harm than good. There are a bunch of websites that talk about how and why Instagram could be harmful. Photographer Eric Kim, talks about why he thinks you should delete your account. One of the things he mentions is that he has been so much happier since he deleted his account. He also brought up the idea of social modification, that the app can make us act differently. 

The 'Fast Company' website added that it's highly addictive and a waste of time. 

They also talk about apps that track you. One of the worst apps for this is Google Maps. I mean yes, that's basically the point of the app to give directions and such but even if you turn off the location there are many different ways that they get you to turn it back on. They also added apps like Facebook and Snapchat because privacy issues and that they are just a waste of time. 

Enough about the apps to delete, here's some apps that we think you should download! 

One app that I really like is Google Photos. It's great because as long as you're on wifi you can save all of your photos to the cloud. It also has features that organize all your pictures. Another app that we like is HUJI! It's a great photo app, you can take pictures within the actual app or import in your own and get awesome edits. 

I am a big fan of VideoShop it's great for editing video. And of course, the iHeartRadio app! It's got all the music you wanna listen to and all of your favorite artists. 

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