Here's How You Could Enjoy A Free Frosty Everyday Of 2019

I know you want a free Frosty for every day of 2019... well let me tell you how you can!

Wendy's is selling a key chain that will allow the owner to get a free Frosty every day for the entire year of 2019! The keychain only costs $2 and is only being sold until until January 31, 2019 so make sure you get there soon!


You have the option to get either a vanilla or chocolate Frosty Jr dessert! I honestly think that this is a really good deal! I mean there's 365 days in a year and a Frosty Jr typically costs about $0.99 so it'd be around $365 so yeah $2 for 365 Frosty's sounds like a really good deal. 

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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