Apparently You Shouldn't Drink Coffee on A Cold Day and Here's Why!

For 2019 a personal goal of mine was to drink less coffee and honestly this information just solidified my choices! 

I know when it's cold that I typically reach for a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate but apparently that's the wrong idea. The hot drinks might actually have the opposite effect from what you want.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned that your body already has a mechanism to keep you warm when cold. That mechanism is called shivering. So basically by drinking something warm, you are fighting nature. 

On top of the hot drinks, caffeinated drinks (such as coffee) will also cause you to become colder. Apparently caffeinated drinks are a diuretic, which removes heat retaining water from your body through urination... the more you know! 

You might want to avoid alcohol too. Even though you might think that it warms you up, it doesn't. Drinking alcohol might actually bring along some more serious problems such as hypothermia. 

If you're not ready to give up coffee completely yet maybe you can ease into it by drinking decaf! But the rumors are true... there is still some caffeine in decaf coffee! According to Mental Floss, the decaffeination process usually removes 94 to 98 percent of the caffeine from a coffee bean. 

The caffeine content in the decaf coffee can vary depending on how the beans are decaffeinated and which kind of beans they are using. There are usually about three different methods used to decaffeinate the coffee beans. Those methods include water, chemicals or carbon dioxide to draw caffeine out of the beans!

So either way you should probably just join me in not drinking coffee for 2019!

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