You Need To See This Guys Haircut!

An unnamed man became a viral sensation on a Chinese version of Facebook called Weibo after his recent haircut. 

While he was waiting to get his haircut he was watching a video where he saw the haircut of his dreams... or so he thought! He paused the video to show the barber how he wanted his hair to be styled. The stylist asked if he wanted the triangle too... the triangle that he was referring to was the play button. 

Unfortunately, he didn't realize the barber meant the actual 'play' sign in the middle of the paused screen, so without any hesitation he said 'yes'. Well that was a mistake!

The picture of his haircut was shared on Weibo, the Facebook-like platform over 22,000 times and now made it's way over to the U.S.

Check out the video of his haircut from the DailyMail.


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