Jeopardy Contestants Answer To Beyoncé And Jay-Z Question Is Hilarious

I don't know about you but when I'm watching Jeopardy I low-key want to see people give the wrong answers... it sounds horrible but hey, everybody needs to fail every once and a while. Well let me tell ya, this Jeopardy contestant totally gave the wrong answer and it made me laugh.

Jeopardy contestant, Jessica was eager to answer, "Beyonce and Jay-Z released the album ‘Everything is Lost’ under this collective name." Well the correct answer would have been "What is the Carters" but that's definitely not the answer she gave... Please just watch the video below.


She really said, "Bey Z." I laughed way to hard when she gave this answer. Maybe it's because I work with music everyday but it makes me question if people live under a rock! 

I love watching Jeopardy and equally love when people give the wrong answers on Jeopardy... I'm pretty sure that I can't be the only one so I figured that I would share a video with more Jeopardy fails so that we all can enjoy! 

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