Man Sold Kidney for an iPhone, Suffers Organ Failure

I don't know about you but I've definitely joked about selling a kidney for something expensive that I really wanted... like a Lamborghini. Well a 25-year-old man from China actually sold his kidney for a product that he really wanted. 

His name is Wang Shankun and he made headlines back in 2011 for selling his kidney on the black market to buy the latest iPhone and iPad. And at the time he said, "Why do I need a second kidney?” Oh, how the tables have turned! 

His kidney has recently failed most likely due to "complications" from his initial surgery. Therefore he is currently relying on dialysis to keep him alive! The unsanitary conditions where the surgery took place as well as the lack of aftercare are most likely to blame for the "complications." 


To make this even worse, he only received $3,000 for his kidney.... I would think an organ would be worth a little more than that! 

Nine of the individuals that were involved in the removal of Shankun's kidney, including five surgeons, were jailed for their involvement.

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