Why You Can't Order a Burger From McDonald's in the Morning

Remember when people were fighting to get McDonald's to serve breakfast foods all day? They actually listened to the masses and started serving some breakfast sandwiches all day! Well now people want to know why you can't order a burger before 10:30am!

Apparently, burgers in the early hours have been a demand for quite some time at McDonald's but they have a reason why they don't serve them all day! According to a former employee that worked for McDonald's for 25 years, the reason behind why they can't be served all the time is pretty simple. 

The kitchen can't accommodate cooking eggs and other breakfast items at the same time as burgers. The former employee also added that "There was no way to cook a hamburger at temperatures used for eggs." But let me tell ya, I LOVE the fact that you can order a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit all day because that's my favorite.

There are rumors that some McDonald's locations outside the U.S. are testing an "All Day Favorites" menu which means you can eat what you want, whenever you want!

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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