Best Deals For National Pizza Week

This week is definitely full of celebration because it's National Pizza Week!! Since it's #NationalPizzaWeek that means that there are TONS of great deals on pizza! 

But before I get into the deals I wanted to share some random pizza facts with you. Did you know that in the United States 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second?! Another fun fact is that pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping. Ok, last one (it blows my mind) back in 2001, the Russian Space Agency was paid more than a million bucks to deliver a six-inch pizza to the International Space Station. I mean I get it, if you're craving pizza, you'll do whatever it takes to get some!

Now onto the deals!

Pizza Hut:

- Offering a 2 item $5.99 each pizza deal 



- Offering customers a choice of any two medium 2-topping pizzas, speciality chicken or baked sandwich, pasta, cheesy bread, chicken meal or a cookie-brownie for just $5.99 each! 

Yummmm, give me one of each!


Papa John's:

- Offering a two item $5.99 each pizza deal 


BJ's Brewhouse:

- Offering any large tavern cut or deep dish pizza for 50% off

Also random note, they have REALLY great pizza cookies that they call "Pizookies."


And don't forget about your local pizza spots! They might have deals this week too... and if they don't, just head over to a $1 slice pizza place because those are the BEST!

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