Man Accidentally Proposed to Girlfriend After Taking Sleep-Aid

Before I even start let me just say that we DO NOT condone substance use or abuse. With that being said this one's a doozy!

An unidentified man said that he accidentally proposed to his girlfriend after taking 40 mg of Ambien, which is four times the recommended dosage. He added that he had an engagement ring in his nightstand and when he woke up his girlfriend had it on her hand. Apparently the man says he didn’t remember proposing to her and didn’t plan on it for at least another year. He even updated his Facebook status to "engaged." 

If he already had a ring he must of been thinking about proposing to her so I feel like this really isn't a big deal. Maybe he wasn't ready to do it just yet but clearly he was SUPER ready while he was under the influence of Ambien. Therefore, this is just another example of why you shouldn't abuse drugs. 

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