Woman Eats Guac on Subway With MetroCard

I ride the subway just about every day and let me tell you, I thought I saw it all... until I came across a video on SubwayCreatures Instagram. 

Side bar: before I show you this crazy video, just wanted to point out that you never see plastic straws laying around (which is great for our planet) but you know what you do see all over the floor in New York City? METRO CARDS! Well this lady in the video definitely put her metro card to "good" use. So without further ado, please enjoy this video thanks to SubwayCreatures


I mean as gross as this might seem, I kinda get it. I've been on the subway plenty of times on my way home and my stomach won't stop growling. I don't think that I would use my metro card but I'm sure that I have something random in my backpack that I could use to eat some Guac! And I mean let's be real... "Chipotle is my lifeeee" so I understand why she ate her food with her metro card. 


I love the SubwayCreatures Instagram page, it never fails to make me laugh and also cringe!

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