Is 'Peppa Pig' Causing American Kids To Adopt British Accent?

British cartoon, 'Peppa Pig' has become a big hit in America over the past couple of years. The British animated series is now raising slight concerns with American parents.

American parents are starting to claim that 'Peppa Pig' is causing their children to adopt a British accent. This has been called the "Peppa Effect" by a parent who claims her daughter started calling her "mummy" after watching the show on a long flight. There have been many other parents that expressed the same concern on social media. Those parents said that they can confirm that their kids' vocabulary has changed since they began watching the show.

My kids are both a little older now so they don't watch 'Peppa Pig' anymore but they used to love it! And yes, both of my kids started talking with a British accent. But to this day my younger son still says the word "literally" with a British accent. To add to this, myself and my wife used to talk with the accent when our kids were watching it too.

Intern Sam also told me that her little sister had a strong British accent from watching Peppa Pig when she was younger.

I mean hey, there could be a lot worse things than your kid talking with a British accent!

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