Apparently You Should Eat Pizza Over Cereal For Breakfast

Have you ever woke up craving some cold pizza? No, just me? Well if I'm not alone then this news will make you super happy too.

It's time to add pizza to the list of "healthier" options to eat as a morning breakfast! Ok... it might not be "healthy" but it is "healthier" to grab a piece of pizza over those sugar-loaded cereals out there you may have been eating instead. According to a New York-based Nutritionist, a bowl of cereal with whole milk and an average slice of pizza have nearly the same amount of calories! A bonus to eating pizza over cereal is that he higher protein count in pizza may keep you feeling fuller throughout the morning.

But remember, not all cereal and pizza is made equally. Obviously if you are having a bowl of whole grain cereal that has nuts or fruit in it, it's most likely going to be much healthier than a slice of pizza.

So, the moral of this story... don't feel so bad if you have a slice of cold pizza for breakfast some days over a bowl of sugary cereal!

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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