Are Emoji License Plates The Next Big Thing

One of my favorite things to do during a road trip is play the license plate game with my kids! There's a couple of different ways to play, you could write down how many different states you see or look at the words on the plates and see what they could spell or remind you of.

Well, the license plate game is going to get a little crazier in Australia. Starting on March 1, drivers in Queensland, Australia will be able to add emojis to their license plates.

Unfortunately there are only a few emojis to chose from... no, you can't put the eggplant emoji on your license plate. The emojis that you can add for personalization include: the heart-eyes, sunglasses, cry-laughing, winking and smiling faces.

Apparently some of the government members are afraid that the emojis will create an extra distraction for drivers. Some others agree, saying that it might be difficult to write the emojis down when exchanging information after an accident.


I think that this is a fun idea but it's not exactly necessary. Do you think that these emoji license plates will make their way to the U.S.?

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