It's Scary How Often Some People Change Their Bedsheets

It's no secret that most men (and yes, even some women) don't change their bedsheets as often as they should.

In a survey conducted by the mattress company, Ergoflex, they found that 49 percent only wash their sheets 4 times a year and almost never wash their pillowcases. Another survey conducted by Coyuchi, they found that only 44 percent of 1000 Americans surveyed wash their sheets only once or twice a month. So, needless to say a majority of people don't wash their sheets as often as they should.

According to Good House Keeping, you should be washing your sheets and other bedding at least once every two weeks. I mean think about it, we cover our bedsheets with dead skin, saliva, sweat, oils from our body and possibly some other things. I don't want to scare you but this makes a paradise for dust mites. They love to feast off of our dead skin and they live in our beds... YIKES.


The video mentions that there is a specific way to wash sheets. Here are the steps:

  • Turn your pillow cases inside out
  • Ball up the bedsheets
  • Wrap your pillow cases around the balled up bedsheets
  • Wash them on the hottest setting listed on your bedsheets

Now it's time to go change your bedsheets... GO, GO, GO!

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