Girl Crashes Through Dealership Window During Test-Drive

If you think that you're a bad driver, think again. A girl from Gutkar, India crashed through a glass window in a car dealership. She was testing out a car that was inside the showroom floor. Apparently she started the car and then lost control of it.

Luckily there were no injuries as a result of the incident.

You've got to see the video, it's unbelievable.


So what happens if you crash a car during the test-drive? According to Jeff Willoughby, a director of large accounts at a U.S. mutual insurance company says, "The customer's insurance can come into play, depending on state statues and whether or not [their] coverage is considered primary or the dealership's coverage is considered primary, and that's different across the country" also adding that "A collision on the car is normally covered by the company that is handling inventory for the dealership."

In other words, be really careful and don't crash the car during a test-drive!

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