Fat Rat Got Stuck In Sewer Grate

If you live in New York or have ever visited you know that rats are big stars! I mean who could forget the pizza rat that was eating a huge slice of pizza in the subway. These New York City rats gotta watch their figure so that they don't end up like this fat rat in Germany.

Yesterday a plump rat got stuck in a sewer grate in Germany and had to be rescued by firefighters. The officers responded to a callow a rat being stuck in a sewer grate and was screaming frantically to be set free.

First animal rescue tried to set the rat free but were unsuccessful. That's when volunteer firefighters were called to the sight. In order to free the rat firefighters had to remove the grate and push the rat free from the bottom. Once the rat was set free it ran around happily and went back into the sewer.


Speaking of subways and pizza, I was just thinking about this post that I saw on SubwayCreature's Instagram yesterday and I waned to share. This guy was on the subway trying to enjoy his pizza but he was clearly really tired and yeah I'll let you look through the pictures to see the unfortunate events.

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