LEGO Created Anti-LEGO Slippers To Save Your Feet

There aren't many things worse than stepping on a LEGO, especially when it happens in the dark and you don't see it coming. Well, let's be honest... do you ever see it coming when your step on a LEGO? No.

I've got good news for you, there is a new way to protect yourself from that horrible pain. LEGO is working with a French advertising agency Brand Station, which has invented anti-LEGO slippers! Thank goodness for these slippers, it only took 66 years!

The slippers come with LOTS of padding so that you won't feel the pain of a LEGO stabbing your foot. But they are only producing them in a limited run of 1500 pairs and will be distributed randomly to people who fill out Christmas wish lists on LEGO's French website.


If you're not lucky enough to get a pair of these LEGO slippers, I think you'll be fine walking around in normal slippers.

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