Walmart Reveals The Top Selling Items From Each State

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the country and they have endless data on what their shoppers want! They recently analyzed the ideas that their customers are shopping for to get the " Top Sellers of 2017" list. So the retailer posted the most sold items in each state.

Here are the top sellers in the Tri-State area:

New York - Cheerios. I guess that New Yorkers enjoy this cereal. I mean I find it enjoyable because you can add basically any fruit to them to spice up your breakfast.


New Jersey - Pool Salt. Not really sure why NJ's most popular item is pool salt considering that Arizona is apparently the state with the most pools!


Connecticut - "Ghost In The Shell" movie featuring Scarlett Johansson. This is super random and makes me wonder why this movie is so popular in this state.


If you're interested in seeing what the most popular item in the other states are here's a graphic from!

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