Did The Jonas Brothers Spill Their Guts Or Fill Their Guts?

The Jonas Brothers are going to be on the Late Late Show with James Corden ALL WEEK LONG!! Last night Nick, Joe, and Kevin played a fan favorite, 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.'

If you're not familiar with this game let me explain! James spins a wheel with 8 different spaces that all have a weird (and usually disgusting) food or drink on it. He asks each person a question and if they don't want to answer, they have to eat or drink which ever food or drink the wheel stopped on. But in this case they changed the game a little in the spirit of brotherly love... if the brother who was asked the question didn't want to answer all 3 of them had to eat the food/drink.

Kevin was the first brother up, the wheel gave him 'Beetle Marmalade Toast.' James definitely started off strong by asking him, "If you had to buy a Nick Jonas album or a DNCE album, which one would you buy?" You would think that with the band just getting back together he wouldn't want to start any fights... well think again! He answered the question by saying that he would buy a DNCE album.


The questions definitely didn't get any easier. James asked Joe to rank 4 super popular boybands, Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, One Direction and BTS. All Joe could say was "Oh Wow." The guys definitely weren't looking to get attacked by all these fandoms so he declined to answer. Therefore the Jobros had to drink a '3 Chili Pepper Smoothie.'


Nick's question was pretty rough too. James asked him to rank his co-stars in Jumanji. And whether you wanna believe it or not, he actually ranked them but he did it by complimenting each co-star along the way.


If you wanna see the other questions and nasty foods they might have eaten, check out the full video below!

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