A Cup Of Noodles Vending Machine Now Exists

Every broke college student has had their fair share of 'Cup Noodles' but NOW you could get them for free out of a vending machine.

The people that work over at 'Foodbeast' created the ultimate vending machine! It's awesome and full of Cup Noodles and video games! They partnered with Nissan Foods USA to create the #DreamMachine that uses Instagram likes to give you FREE prizes!

Let me explain how it works! First you have to push a button on the machine that will give you personal hashtag that is unique to you. Then all you have to do is post a picture of the vending machine to your Instagram with the hashtag and tag @originalcupnoodles and @foodbeast (but make sure that your account is on public.) Once it registers on Insta you get your free prize!

There are currently 2 of these vending machines out for you to find! One of them is at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South and the other is located in Los Angeles at the Del Amo Fashion Center. These machines are so cool and I need to head out to LA soon to try out these machines... or they could put one in the Oculus in NYC!


Also, random side note... I could have swore that these used to be called Cup O' Noodles not just Cup Noodles but I guess I've been wrong my whole life.

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