Here's How Arizona Tea Stays 99 Cents

Have you ever wondered how Arizona keeps their iced teas at 99 cents? Well, I know I have.

Arizona Iced Tea has been 99 cents literally forever so let me explain how they have kept that great price for all these years!

MarketWatch recently decided to solve the mystery of how they have been able to keep the price the same for so long. They spoke with a creative director for Arizona and they said that on a single can, the profit margin is fairly low. Therefore, they rely on bank on a lot being sold to make money. The company produces 15,000 per minute and sell over 1 billion cans every year.

Since they were first founded, Arizona has cut down 40% of aluminum.

So hey, go out and getcha self a can of Arizona Iced Tea so we can keep the price at 99 cents!

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