Here's What Levi's CEO Says About Washing Your Jeans

Throughout my lifetime I have heard so many different things about how you should care for your jeans. But according to the CEO of Levi's you should NEVER wash your jeans.

He actually said that he hasn't washed his jeans in more than 10 years... honestly that's a little concerning to me but hey, whatever makes you happy. Apparently you are supposed to just spot clean your jeans with a brush or a damp cloth and I would suggest adding some Febreeze so they don't stink!

Here's some tips for taking care of your denim!

  • Basically you are supposed to wash them as infrequently as you can.
  • When you spot clean make sure you do it gently.
  • To prevent fading you should wash your jeans inside out in cold water
  • Definitely try to avoid putting them in the dryer
  • If they're wrinkly don't wash them, it's better to just steam them
  • Lastly, always read the care label on the inside of your jeans to make sure you're caring for them!

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