New Toilet Paper Roll Will Only Need Changing 12 Times A Year

There's not many things worse than being on the toilet and realizing that you're out of toilet paper. Well, Charmin's newest innovation is going to squash this problem!

According to Charmin, they have a new "Forever Roll" which they claim can last a full month. If you want to get in on the "Forever Roll" action a single user runs $5.49 and if you think you're gonna love it you could opt for the $29.97 three-pack starter kit. When you buy the three-pack starter kit you get a free stand or wall mount.

Courtesy of Charmin's website

The multi-user rolls are a foot in diameter and they weigh 2 pounds each! They are packed with 1,700 sheets and if you rolled it out it would cover 185 square feet. I think that this is a genius idea and I need it in my house! If you get these "Forever Rolls" you'll only have to change the roll about 12 times a year!

Speaking of toilet paper... do you put your toilet paper over or under?

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