Student Fakes Chicken Pox With Sharpie To Get Out Of School

I'm almost 100% sure that every kid has tried to play sick at least once in their lifetime... I know I did as a kid and my kids have definitely tried to pull one over on me. There's a bunch of different ways kids try to play sick, putting their forehead near the heater or sticking the thermometer on the heater when you look away for a second. Well, six-year-old Lily Schooley had a different idea to skip school.

The funny thing is that Lily was already at school when she decided that she didn't want to take a spelling test and some of her friends were missing from class. So she took a red sharpie and put red dots all over her face and legs to make it looks like she had chickenpox.

While her Mom and Dad were not fooled by the red dots they still threatened to take her to the doctor. That's when Lily tried to rub the dots off and realized that they weren't coming off easily.

Lily's parents sent her to school the next day with a note to let her teachers know that the spots were fake and not contagious. It took them almost 4 days to to scrub off all the sharpie marks.

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