Bar Promised Free Shots For Every US Goal Scored In Women’s World Cup

We love our U.S. Women's National Soccer team, but after yesterday, bar patrons in Florida have another reason to love them! The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup is going on right now in France and the American Social bar in Miami had some amazing promotions for the event. $15 beer buckets, $3 tequila shots and many more. But perhaps one of their best deals was a FREE SHOT every time the U.S. team scored.

Now, if you know anything about soccer, you know that usually the scores don't go higher than maybe three or four goals a game. That's actually a pretty smart promotion. Well... the U.S. team beat Thailand yesterday by a score of 13-0 (!!!!!!!!!!) and the American Social bar had to own up to their promise. Yeah you heard it right... they had to doll out 13 ROUNDS OF FREE SHOTS!!

At one point during the game, the U.S. team scored four goals in six minutes. I mean the bar had to have run out of alcohol by then, right? You have to imagine that by the 10th goal people weren't even buying drinks anymore and just banking on the team scoring again to get their fix.

No word on if American Social is continuing with the free shot promotion, but let's hope for the sake of the livers of Miami, they don't.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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