Watch 50 People Show Their State’s Accents


This cool new video by Conde Nast Traveler features people from all 50 states talking about their states unique accents! Now, if you're from New York or New Jersey, you're probably thinking that we have the most outlandish accents in the country, but we're nowhere near as wild as further northeast... (Pahk tha caa in Hahvahd yahd!)

The video holds up some stereotypes you might expect... the south is full of warm "y'all's" and drawls while the midwest is very nasal-y and "oh"pen. Meanwhile people from Arizona and Utah, don't really experience much of an accent at all. You gotta watch the video to check out exactly what I mean.

The only thing about this video that's NOT realistic is the guy from Jersey saying he doesn't hear an accent... ARE YOU KIDDING!?! NEW JERSEY?!?! Sure, you may not "hear" and accent but you'd have to be pretty hard of hearing to not at least acknowledge that New Jerseyians have a VERY prolific accent.

Which state's accent is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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