Dad Wears Short Shorts To Teach Daughter A Lesson


Dads of America... take notes! When his 14 year old daughter bought jean shorts that were too short, Jason Hilley of Florida took it into his own hands to tell her that he didn't want her to wear them. Hilley, in a total dad move, hilariously barges into his daughters room wearing his own jeans that he decided to cut to the length of his daughter Kendall's shorts in order to teach her a lesson. You have to check out the video.

"I will come to school every day and pick you up wearing these shorts if you continue to wear those."

It was all in good fun, as Hilley said he'd rather use good-natured humor than yelling and screaming in order to discipline. Kendall says that her father got his point across loud and clear.

His video on Facebook currently has over 50 Million views.

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Photo Credit: Jason Hilley/Facebook

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