Here's How to Deal With Terrible NYC Humidity

Summer's here in New York and you know what's right around the corner? Terribly humid days! You know those awful days where its not even too hot out, but it just feels like a swamp and your shirt sticks to your armpits? Last summer, I remember a day so awfully humid that I didn't even have to hold my phone, it just stuck to my hand (how gross!) Here's a go-to guide to help you get through those unbelievably moist and miserable days.

Step 1: stay inside.

Step 2: repeat Step 1.

Ha!!! No but for real though, when it gets way too humid out, you're going to want to follow these tips.

Drink water! When it gets to a certain temperature out, your body sweats way more to cool itself down. So you need to be sure to drink lots of water in order to make sure your body can produce the extra sweat it needs to cool you down. However, when it's humid out, sometimes you don't sweat the way you're supposed to. According to AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Pydynowski, when it's extra humid out, "sweat struggles to evaporate because there’s already a lot of moisture in the air. It makes it more uncomfortable... you feel hotter because your sweat doesn't evaporate properly."

Wear loose, light clothing (or no shirt at all)! When it's 90% humidity out, you should definitely save the leather pants for another time. That gross, sticky feeling of humidity can usually be attributed to your clothing sticking to your skin. Save the hassle and wear the least amount of heavy clothing as possible (but don't be disgusting).

Eat lighter foods, like salads and iced coffee (without all the milk and cream). Lighter foods are easier on your stomach and won't require as much of your body's energy to digest. So by eating a salad or cereal, your body can focus on keeping you cool and alert, instead of breaking down that giant meal of fried chicken and waffles.

When walking to work, do your best to stay in the shade! Everyone knows that humidity is twice is twice as bad when standing in the direct sunlight. So in order to stay cool on your walk to work, do your best to walk underneath coverings like scaffolding, trees or even the occasional awning every now and then.

Stay cool New Yorkers, the time of humidity is upon us.

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