Workers Share Inside Secrets About Their Jobs

Earlier this week, there was a massive Reddit thread which featured people telling us about their job's inside secrets... and people did not disappoint!

For instance, one Olive Garden server said that you can actually get three free wine samples every time you go. And another Olive Garden sever chimed in and said that if you were nice, you more than likely got over poured.

Although being nice to your severs should be standard practice all around, good to know that at Olive Garden you got rewarded for it.

Another secret came from a delivery driver who said that they often "add 10-15 minutes on the estimated delivery times so they seem speedy and not seem late if they’re stuck in traffic. They also charge delivery fees that most people don’t notice or ask about."

Also, a Burger King worker confirmed one of our worst thoughts when they revealed, "the ice cream machine isn't really broken, it just needs cleaning, which takes a long time." Well good to know things are actually getting cleaned in these places." I'll take no ice cream over dirty ice cream any day.

Check out the rest of the Reddit thread here:

Join in on the fun and let us know one secret your job keeps from the public in the comments below!

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