Don't Get Sick When Flying With Tom Holland!


On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Tom Holland told a story about the time he was on a flight to Hawaii and got recognized while helping another sick passenger.

Midway through the flight, Tom noticed a woman in the aisle across from him was watching his latest movie Spiderman: Homecoming. Pretty cool, right? But the story doesn't end there. Just a little bit later, another lady gets sick as she's walking down the aisle of plane and passes out on the floor right in front of Tom! Tom, being the gent that he is, got out of his seat and tried to help the woman and nurse her back to consciousness. But soon enough, the woman watching the movie started to do double takes between her screen and Tom and then knew something was up.

"This kid just never stops" Tom said the woman must've thought of him.

Check out the rest of the video to see what else Tom did on his Hawaiian vacation, and how he tries to be the best wingman to his younger brother, Sam.

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