Which Way is Up??? Is It Sideways?? My Head Hurts!

Yesterday, a video was uploaded by a Conservation Biologist of what looks like some sheep...walking...UP a mountain. And I'm not talking 45 degree angles. They walked straight up the mountain, and I think we're all in the same boat: what the actual f--physics???

Twitter is puzzled to say the least, which got a bunch of people wondering...is the video facing the right way? Some say that the video is actually sideways, and that the goats are just walking normally. Users were pointing to the way trees were growing on the mountainside to prove whether or not the video was sideways, while Imogene Cancellare, the biologist who posted the tweet, and other users went on to clarify that these sheep were able to learn how to walk these mountainsides over years and years. I think I'm gonna need to see some more progress like this from CrossFit if they want my money.

But come on! Let's show these Chinese goats some respect! They walk those mountainsides better than any other animal. I'd like to see the models for NYFW walk the runway like these sheep walk these mountainsides! What do you think? Is this biologist playing games with us, or should Marvel let these sheep join the MCU?

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