Coming Soon: Yeezy Crocs!?!?

A few days ago, Yeezy Mafia, a popular news source for leaked Adidas and the Kanye-inspired shoes that bare the name, released images of a new Yeezy shoe concept to be released and they're...interesting. Kanye has been known for his 'Yeezy' shoe releases, which sneaker-heads, shoe enthusiasts, and high school aged kids named Trevor have been long raving about. Whenever people bring up big sneakers, they're the first to come up, which is no surprise considered they range in price between $300 and $2000 depending on the type of the shoe. But this new shoe (sandal?) is a big divergence from their typical style.

Let's be real. Not everyone is into shoes. But whether you are or not, these shoes look like Crocs! And who can blame them for being inspired? Crocs are big these days, going from corny to campy over the last few years, and now everyone's raving about them! The internet did not wait around to poke some fun at the new shoe concept, comparing it to Crocs. Now, one of the most popular designer and rappers will try his hand at making these shoe-sandal hybrids; they'll probably be sold out and resold for like a bajillion dollars. So get ready for the sickest shoe tan of next summer!

Photo: Getty Images

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