Now That You've Made Some Friends...It's Time to Mess With Them

So we're about a month into the new school school year! You've been having a blast in _______, enjoying the nightlife, and making your rag-tag group of teens into your close, close friends! I mean, it only makes sense. You guys have most of your classes together, you eat the same garbage food dining services has to offer. You've been through it together, and its made all of your friendships stronger. Now, its time to put that bond to the test and play a little fun on your roommates/friends!

Now this should be obvious, but there are obvious lines to draw in the sand before you poke some fun. For starters, nothing that will seriously harm your friends or burn that bridge. No need to get outcasted in the first semester. Not a good look, at all. Bodily fluids are 100% OFF LIMITS, something that some people haven't learned yet. You'd be surprised how many people make this mistake, and don't do anything too crazy otherwise your prank-ee might get a bit hungry for some revenge. Maybe the prank will bring you guys closer, who knows! Probably not, but it'll be funny anyways.

Break out the saran wrap!

Make a little trip the supermarket, and go to town on some saran wrap! And I'm talking at least two or three boxes or a really big box(It runs longer than you think). Or if you live close to your college, steal some from home! Mom's not makin' you PB n J's anymore anyways! Take that saran wrap, and wrap pretty much anything you can. Your roommate's bed, desk, laptop, you name it! The world is your oyster!

Post-It Notes

Is your roommate a post-it note freak? It would be a darn shame if someone took a trip to Staples, bought a bunch of identical post-it notes and put them all over the room. A real, darn shame. Drive your OCD roommate up a WALL!

Filled Water Cups

Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but for sure one of the more creative options! Get a bunch of paper cups (or recyclable cups, the earth's on fire, bro) and fill them halfway with water. Stack them in front of the door, or place them strategically all over the floor. You know you're the type of person that just wants to watch the world burn (but not actually, though, for obvious reasons)

If these pranks don't satisfy your appetite, well then check out this video and let that devil on your shoulder win!

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