A Reddit User Made His Very Own Toyota Commercial, and...I'm Sold!

Is your car a "hoopty"? Do you wish you had a better car? Commercials these days feature awesome sound effects and theatrics that no matter what make or model of the car, it kinda makes you want to buy the car anyways. Especially when the song is, you know, steak SAUCE (A1). Well, after seeing reddit user u/calihandsome and a friend make their own fake Toyota commercial, all I can actually picture myself driving is a used 2006 Toyota Sienna!

What's not to like? MANUAL reclining chairs?? 300,000 miles on it! AND, it's the soccer mom minivan that will capture the heart of your crush?

But seriously, check out the video here and tell me you don't want this car. If you showed me this video, I would've actually thought it was a real Toyota commercial! So, who's ready to get in that rust-bucket, make like Toyota, and "go places!"

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