Which Candy is Getting Voted Off the Island?

Over the weekend, Twitter user @LizDueweke posted a photo of six candies: Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Ways, Kit Kat, M&m's, and Twix. The photo was posted with a question: One Has to Go. Forever. Which One Do You Choose? And every twitter user and their mother came after each other's necks! Friendships lost, things that weren't meant were said, and now, we live in complete anarchy.

No but seriously, Twitter brawled over this post, and some good (and some really, REALLY bad) takes were made. Listen, all of these candies are awesome. Except for Milky Way's. Let's not pretend they're good. And when you say that you want to get rid of Kit-Kat's, or Snickers, I start to question your morals. What do you even stand for, bro??

Whether your a big snack guy or not, this is our biggest issue. Congress, get it together and get these Milky Way loving freaks out of here! The only Milky Way you should be enjoying is the one, out there in the sky. But hey, that's just me. What candy's gotta go forever?

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