I Watched A YouTuber Make a 'Chick Fil A' Pizza and Gained Ten Pounds

Inspired by a Tik-Tok he saw of the food, YouTuber Craig Thompson got creative with his new YouTube and made quite possibly the first ever...Chick Fil A pizza. I don't think I'll ever be the same now...

Craig bought a BUNCH of nugs, some of that delish Chick Fil A sauce, their signature waffle fries, and some supermarket dough and got to work on the pizza of the century, ladies and gentlemen. After the dough decided to bug out, it seemed like the pie was a dream too big to see come true. But when your dough sticks to your backyard oven, your kitchen oven will always be there to save the day! And the pizza was so good, he got on his knees! Have you ever eaten a pizza that's made you get on your knees? Cause this looks like it'll make me see GOD.

Check out the full video below and watch Craig go through different obstacles to make this mouth-watering pie below! Are you going to try making it yourself? Or should Chick Fil A make a delicious, Eye-taliano pizza just like this one? *chef's kiss*

Mo' Bounce

Mo' Bounce

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