So You're Telling Me I Get to Eat Hot Wings...AND Win $25k? Sign Me UP!

Everyone's favorite YouTube show is now getting a nightly game show, and on top of that, YOU can get a chance to be on it!

First We Feast and Sean Evans announced on their YouTube page that your dream of one day being on Hot Ones could finally become a reality, because they're looking for duos to compete on their show, eat some super, duper hot wings, answer pop culture questions, all for the chance to win $25k. Don't get your hopes up like I did, its for people living in the Atlanta area only, but if that's where you live, well, you're in luck! You won't be interviewed like your favorite celebs have been on the YouTube page, but this show is going to be on a "major cable network," so this'll be the big time! Cue up Eye of the Tiger, buy a bunch of different hot sauces, and start up that training montage, because the weakest stomachs won't survive!

If you could go on Hot Ones, would you be able to compete? I don't know about you guys, but I might have to take a road trip down and give it a shot myself! Mega Death Sauce, here I come!

Photo: Getty Images

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